Through oven burns and stray cat hairs, nothing can stop this duo of baking besties.
Welcome to their candy-coated nook on the internet, where you’ll find confectionary recipes reimagined by an amateur cook and her cat.




Ninety per cent of the time, she’s 80 per cent filled with jujubes and/or wine gums. With an impartial love of all things sweet and sugared, Meaghan is new to navigating the kitchen, anticipating which “ugly batch” she’ll get to keep (and eat).  The sugar high is her way of life.






At 13 years and only three lives in, this feline’s seasoned and sophisticated palette offers a unique perspective to each recipe. Cronuts and cake pops will soon be long forgotten when Ginger embarks on her latest venture into liver and fish-flavoured treats, two of her most treasured delicacies.